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December 2020

By November 16, 2020November 18th, 2021Issue, magazine, North&South


Airports of New Zealand. photo: Alistair Guthrie


What will it actually take to reopen our border? Even with a vaccine on the horizon, it’s a lot more complicated than you think.

By Damian Christie

Are we better off on our own? photo: Petra Leary

The Liberty Of Distance

New Zealand has long seen its geographical isolation as a disadvantage. Now it’s starting to seem like a blessing.

By Finlay Macdonald

A New Zealand Māori game at Athletic Park. photo: Peter Macdonald

“Without You I Was Nothing”

What Māori have given the game of rugby.

By Talia Marshall

Rebecka Papera. photo: Victoria Birkinshaw

A Tiny Piece Of Her Brain Could Save Yours

At the Centre for Brain Research, patients give Auckland scientists a rare and invaluable advantage in the global search for treatments for Alzheimer’s, autism, epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

By Donna Chisholm

Four Corners

Te Hononga Kawakawa construction site. photo: Sue Sheperd

No Comment

Frank and open discussions with a brand-new Act MP.

By Madeleine Chapman

Bad Trip

The travails of three German sailors.

By Maris Hubschmid

No Straight Lines

Tilers go wild at the Hundertwasser Art Centre.

Culture Etc.

Zeeland buildings. photo: Tobias Buck

New Zealand Books

Paul Little reviews a long-overdue account of our funniest artist, the definitive history of Palmy, a bilingual biography of Te Rauparaha and gorgeous new titles from Jane Ussher and Dick Frizzell. Plus: Sally Blundell delves into two new books that explore New Zealanders’ shifting sense of national identity, and Paul talks to Rachel Kerr about her debut novel, Victory Park.

Journey to Old Zeeland

New Zealanders don’t know much about the low-lying province of the Netherlands that gave Aotearoa its English name. I set out to see what Zeelanders know about us.

By Tobias Buck

Glorious Gore

The Southland town is known for its trout-fishing—but don’t miss its extraordinary collection of eclectic homegrown museums.

By Mike White

Trying To Be Free

A formative experience for a young Leonard Cohen—and the New Zealand couple that shared it with them.

The National Gallery

Featuring work by a New Zealand amateur artist every month.

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