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The Role of Genes

Wanting to make positive lifestyle changes to improve your health is an amazing step in itself, but in a landscape that has become saturated with so many different health products and programs offering to work wonders, it can be challenging to navigate all the information, know where to begin, or know what is right for your body.

Apart from trial and error, a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your body’s unique blueprint lies with your genes – your DNA, that is, not the pair hanging in the wardrobe.

Sure, anyone can pick up a basketball and shoot hoops. But in the same way that genetically predetermined factors such as height and wing-span are going to make a drastic difference between an amateur and a natural athlete, aspects of your genetic profile can signpost the way towards making lifestyle adjustments that are optimal for you.

With genetic wellness testing now readily available, you can take the guesswork out of improving your health.

Wellness on a mission

Founder and CEO of Ingeneous, Dr. Libby Lindsay (BDS MsC, BS) discovered nutrigenomics after years of battling eczema, migraines, lactose intolerance, depression and infertility. “Understanding your genetic blueprint can have a profound impact on your wellbeing,” she says. “Having a personalised genetic roadmap changed my life.”

After studying in nutrigenomics and running her own successful private practice for seven years, Ingeneous was developed through a combination of Kiwi ingenuity backed by global science. Their mission? To make genetic wellness testing accessible to all New Zealanders with the help of Unichem and Life Pharmacy.

“No two people are ‘healthy’ in exactly the same way, so we build your plan based on your unique DNA,” Libby explains. “We often see people on the wrong diets, cutting out the wrong foods, over-exercising and taking supplements that aren’t really working.”

For many people, a desire to make lifestyle changes and health improvements comes down to inflammation, whether that is showing up in your body as aches and pains, skin issues, food intolerances, digestion issues, fatigue, or changes in energy.

For Ingeneous, their core focus is helping you understand your inflammation system, one of the leading factors when it comes to health complaints. Understanding that is like switching a light on when trying to unlock your front door in the dark.

“By coordinating your inflammation systems, you’re making your most powerful first step toward health and optimal wellness. We have had so many of our clients and practitioners’ say they’ve finally been able to solve chronic health issues now they have that missing piece that only genetic testing can provide,” says Libby.

Your unique blueprint

Since the genome was mapped 18 years ago, genetic analysis has been used robustly around the world. Ingeneous is based on internationally peer-reviewed published literature and uses a CDC certified laboratory to process the DNA tests and deliver you with personalised nutrigenomic reports.

These include different aspects of your wellness profile, such as how your body responds to inflammatory challenges, ways to boost antioxidants to support detoxification, improve your vitamin D receptors, plus learning about the best way for you to eat, drink and exercise according to your genes.

Knowing how your body processes different foods, or responds to different modes of exercise can explain why you feel tired after one type of food, drink or workout, but exhausted after another, or why your inflammation symptoms flare up at certain moments. Just as everyone thrives on different levels of sleep or stress, the same goes for food, drink and movement.

Getting to know the genetic makeup of your body better isn’t about testing for health conditions, disease risks or allergies – it means having greater clarity on your body’s natural presets, and what lifestyle choices would promote optimal health.

The tools are at your doorstep

From February, Dr Libby Lindsay is touring New Zealand, speaking at Unichem and Life Pharmacies about the science of genetics, inflammation, and the empowerment that comes from understanding the way your body ticks and how to positively influence your own genes. Personal consultations for gene testing with Ingeneous Certified Practitioners are also available in pharmacies.

To learn more visit a selected Unichem or Life Pharmacy, or come along to one of Dr Libby Lindsay’s talks.

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