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You Can’t Say That!

Or Can You?

It’s time for a grown-up conversation about tough issues

By Yvonne van Dongen



Following The Threads

The loss of a collaboration between artist Colin McCahon and weaver Ilse von Randow has sparked both a deep search and a conversation about how we value art. By Hayden Donnell

Island Life

Over 35 years, a barren former sheep farm overrun with rodents has been turned into a lush landscape alive with native wildlife. By Colin Miskelly

How’s the Air Up There?

For more than 40 years, scientists in a tiny Central Otago pitstop have been studying the ozone layer and the carcinogenic UV rays from the sun. By George Driver

The Virus Hunter

By choosing a career in science over dance, evolutionary biologist Jemma Geoghegan may have saved your life. By Paul Gorman

Blue Smoke: The Past, Present and Future of Our Cars

Our vast fleet of aging cars is a growing problem. But as our Nissan Sentra-owning journalist finds, it’s not easy getting rid of old bangers. By George Driver

Voice Control

Discussions about what is and who should have free speech rarely reach consensus. By Yvonne van Dongen

From Both Sides Now

Career public servant Kara Isaac experienced New Zealand’s managed isolation both as a “guest” and on the leadership team of the organisation running the frontline defence against the spread of Covid-19. By Yvonne van Dongen

A Call for Care

Residential care facilities for the treatment of mental health or addiction have fallen out of favour. By Sally Blundell

Culture Etc.


A Foreign Flock

How did a small spa town in Austria end up with the largest collection of kea in captivity — and what is it doing with them? By Gregor Thompson

Building Bridges

The last two years have marked big changes in writer Pip Hall’s life, including the end of her 19-year marriage, a move south to her childhood town, and writing the third season of the crime drama, One Lane Bridge. By Eric Trump

About Town: Oamaru

In Aotearoa’s steampunk capital, a self-professed history geek appreciates a much more obscure connection. By Thomas McLean

About Town: Leigh

A popular weekend escape forAuckland road trippers, the tiny town of Leigh is home to a tight-knit and big-hearted community. By Tulia Thompson

The Living Museum

Local history takes pride of place at the Ōtorohanga Museum. By Taualofa Totua

About Town: Clyde

After a youth spent itching to be anywhere but Clyde, no one is more surprised than writer GeorgeDriver to find he’s now choosing to raise his own family in the Central Otago town. By George Driver
178 Cuba street

About Town: Wellington

Home towns tend to be missed, then scorned — and finally rediscovered. By Tess Nichol

Almost Famous

Though they never ventured south of the equator, four literary giants have unexpected links to Aotearoa — some more celebrated than others. By Thomas McLean

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Impact Investing

Harbour Asset Management

The Role of Genes

Unichem and Life Pharmacies

Four Corners


Away with the Birds

The Map: Baby bird-spotting

Smiling and Waving: The Queen’s New Zealand Visits

Join us as we roam the motu in the steps of the Queen.

Love of the Hunt

Whether you dream about Crown Lynn patterns in your sleep or love to scour op shops for cheap and cheerful treasures, these places to rummage are, we reckon, a cut above.

Island of SIN

Chooks called BlueBum, ratting tales and Prince Harry are all part of the mix at the Stewart Island News, as Ben Mack discovered.

Publicly Artful

Our country is dotted with significant public art. Some works are heavy and monumental, others carefully detailed, and at least one digitally dynamic, but all are framed by their built and natural surroundings.

Shine Little Glow Worm

Arachnocampa luminosa is indeed luminous and quite lovely. The indigenous glowing critter is the larvae of a species of fungus gnat and a treat to come across. Enjoy our field guide to glow worm hangouts.

Nature Calls

You may recognise Forest & Bird’s new chief executive, a conservationist and unlikely radio star known for her love of creepy crawlies.

Utopia in a yard: Wānaka Wastebusters

The Wānaka Wastebusters recycling centre is utopia in a junk yard.

Utopia Lab


Too Many People Are Dying On Our Roads

We need better roads, not better people.

Intensive Dairy Farming Is Killing The Environment

New Zealand should halve its number of cows.

The Criminal Justice System Is Broken

How we could reduce crime by locking up less people.

Why We Should Borrow More Money

A case for changing the way we think about national debt.

Bring Back the Glory Days of Rail

Why it's a smart idea to re-invest heavily in our national rail system.



Heaven or a Place on Earth?

What awaits us after death?

The Lost Islands

Historic artefacts washed up by the tides hint at lost lands whose full stories we can only guess at.

Beyond the Badlands

Strange monsters and ominous ghosts can be traced to repressed memories of violent histories, argues one Australian researcher looking at the past through a novel lens.

The Northern Bear

Our relationship with Russia has been characterised by instability — cycling between friend and foe, the nation and its citizens have often become symbols of our own fear and anxieties.

Echoes of History

Most New Zealanders remain unaware of the Surafend massacre by Anzac soldiers in 1918.

Gone Bush

To evade New Zealand’s draft in both world wars, scores of conscientious objectors fled deep into the bush.

Closed Encounters

Covid-19 checkpoints are not the first time some parts of the country have been sealed off from the rest.

As a Matter of Fact

Dismissal by Western scientists of mātauranga Māori and indigenous knowledge as unscientific “myth” often succumbs to its own criticism.

Archive Highlights


Bert’s Labyrinth

Survivors are finally speaking out — but years earlier, a journalist tried to publish the inside story of the notorious Auckland commune. Then she came too close. By Anke Richter


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